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Serve 301


 SERVE THE WORLD OPPORTUNITIES: We believe to be great like Jesus we must all serve like Him. We challenge everyone who calls The Ridge their church home to plug into a ministry whether that is our Connections Team, Set-Up & Tear Down Team, Strategy Team, Ridge Kids, Infants & Nursery, Media, or Worship Team.

If you see a need and can meet it we believe the Lord will bless you, and it will cause spiritual growth in you if you will step up and meet that need. If you are interested in more information on our ministries please fill out a welcome card and place it in the offering or contact a staff member.

THE RIDGE “ENGAGED” (Class 301): This powerful class will be offered as needed and church wide Sunday, November 17th 2014, and will help Ridge members discover their spiritual gifts and talents. A gifts assessment will be given and will help you with this process to find your unique gift mix.

There will be people sharing their personal stories of how the Lord has led them to their calling as they have decided to live a Christ-centered life. You will then be personally challenged to be ‘Engaged’ in ministry helping others take steps towards Christ by using your time, treasure, and talents! We believe ministry is fun when we are serving out of our creative gifts and passions.