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Movement 401


Lives that are based on Christ as the center bring hope, peace, and freedom from the destruction of sin or selfishness. We have been praying and believing the Lord for a movement of people taking steps towards Christ who will live Christ centered lives. This is our prayer for you and our world. Set this date aside on your calendar and sign up for this life impacting weekend. Are you ready to join the movement!


THE RIDGE MOVEMENT WEEKENDS: Our first Movement weekend is (tentatively) scheduled for January 10th-12th 2014! This weekend is a time you will be challenged to live a Christ-centered life. We are asking you to dedicate this weekend to focus totally on your spiritual life and to get totally in tune with the God’s Holy Spirit.

It will be in a retreat setting with special speakers, prayer emphasis, counseling, coaching, and a call to trust Christ in every area of your life. There will be personal stories of those who have found a deeper daily walk with Christ as the hub and center of their lives. This will be a life transforming weekend and a blessing to you, so pray about taking this huge step of faith.