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Love 201



THE RIDGE LIFE (Class 201)-This class will be offered for the first time September 15th!  Mark your calendar and be one of the first to experience this spiritual step!


In this class you will have the exciting opportunity to become a member, or Ridge ‘Lifer.’  You will hear stories of other people like you and how they are overcoming personal spiritual challenges. You too will learn how to make significant positive changes by learning spiritual disciplines, gathering with other believers, and developing your personal time alone with Christ.


We will challenge you in this class to invest in meaningful Christ centered relationships through a Life group, learn to spend meaningful time alone with God, and become a proactive believer who sees others the way God sees them.


*Topics covered: Importance of Community and Accountability, The Power of Prayer & Fasting in Living your Destiny, and How you can Spend Life Changing Time Daily with God.


Life groups- are groups of 3-15 people intentionally doing life together for 6-8 weeks for an hour a week studying biblical truths, praying, and fellowshipping together.


Upcoming Sessions of Life Groups:


Session 1:  Sunday, September 22nd –November 10th    (8 week Session) 2013


Session 2:  Sunday, January 19th –March 9th      (8 week Session) 2014


Session 3:  Sunday, April 13th- May 18th    (6 week Session) 2014


Session 4:  Sunday, July 13th-August 17th        (6 week Session) 2014