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About The Ridge

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The Reese FamilyJake Reese

Lead Follower

My wife Christy and I are thankful for the opportunity the Lord has given us to share His love with others. We have three children Brooke Grace, Brylie Hope, and Brenlie Faith. It is an honor to serve as the team leader here at The Ridge. I am humbled by the opportunity to work with such a great staff. I am an avid outdoorsman and Steeler fan. I love cheering for the KU Jayhawks while my wife a K-State Graduate and 3rd grade teacher cheers on her K-State Wildcats.We realize that many who live in our area are like us, living full throttle lives going to work, soccer, dance, softball, swimming lessons, baseball games, and their lives are filled with many activities. However, we believe many desperately desire to have more peace, hope, and opportunities to live a life that makes a difference with deep meaningful relationships. We believe many want to have strong marriages, be better parents, and help make the world a better place but are not always sure how. Christy and I have found that having Christ at the center of our marriage and life has made our lives very full and meaningful. We believe the Lord has called us to tell others what He has done for us by beginning a new church called The Ridge Community.