Welcome to Your New Elexio Dynamic Canvas

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       Thank you for taking a step towards knowing God today. God loves you and it’s not by accident you are reading this message on our website today. God loves you so much that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for your sins and to bring peace into your life. We believe if you will respond to God and move in His direction your spiritual eyes will be opened and you will discover a life of hope, joy, and peace like you have never experienced!

We at the Ridge are people taking steps towards Christ together!

God tells us in the Bible He will not force himself into our lives that when we take steps towards him He will draw near to us.

What’s Your NEXT STEP?

Below we have listed steps we believe will help you not only come to know God but have an exciting dynamic life that will help you reach your destiny and be all that God created you to be!


FIRST STEP: Come visit a Sunday morning service at 10:30am. There will be refreshments & coffee, cool things for kids, great music, and a message from God’s Word to help us all take a step towards God together each week. There will be many new people like you, so don’t worry or stress out.  Come as you are and be ready for God to draw near to you as you take your first step towards Him!

To join us as we follow the Next Steps...simply Click on the class name below to get more information:


THE RIDGE EXPOSED (Class 101)-This class is offered the first Sunday of the month briefly after the morning service from 11:30-NOON. (Childcare provided)

LOVE 201:

THE RIDGE LIFE (Class 201)-This class will be offered  after morning worship as announced!  Mark your calendar and be one of the first to experience this spiritual step!

SERVE 301:

THE RIDGE ENGAGED (Class 301)-This powerful class will be offered as needed will help Ridge members discover their spiritual gifts and talents. A gifts assessment will be given and will help you with this process to find your unique gift mix.

SERVE THE WORLD OPPORTUNITIES- We believe to be great like Jesus we must all serve like Him. We challenge everyone who calls The Ridge their church home to plug into a ministry whether that is our Connections Team, Set-Up & Tear Down Team, Strategy Team, Ridge Kids, Infants & Nursery, Media, or Worship Team. We also believe every day and week the Lord gives us opportunities to serve. We celebrate these opportunities in our Life Groups.


Lives that are based on Christ as the center bring hope, peace, and freedom from the destruction of sin or selfishness. We have been praying and believing the Lord for a movement of people taking steps towards Christ who will live Christ centered lives. We will have movement weekends throughout the year to renew and reflect on this calling to live Christ-centered in our generation.